This is the first blog post in a new category #GeekListener. Here, I’ll publish all tweets, which I’ve liked for the previous week. It makes even more sense, after Twitter has replaced “stars” with “hearts”. I’m following JVM tweets and software development tweets in general, so digest lays exactly in this space.

Firstly, what was happening during last week? Two outstanding events indeed, like JavaOne and SparkSummit. What can I say about them? Well, I wasn’t in attendance at both of them. And while I’m absolutely not upset about JavaOne, my absence at SparkSummit makes me cry.

So let’s start this tweets overview!

Looks like Oliver Gierke is a real troll and he says hello to all NodeJS adepts. I can’t disagree with him, because the old school Swagger and the new school Spring-RestDocs do their job well. So Oliver receives a solid +1 to his developer’s karma for the sarcasm.

Our next participant is Jacek Laskowski. He forces us to thinking about Spark and ask a question to him. Ok, Jacek, my question is “In which projects do you recommend to start usage of Spark?”. It’s really interesting question for me.So do not shy to ask a question, espesialy whaen you have a chance to get an answer.

I guess that Dave Nicolette has met with agile conference boys who think that they are real software architects. So he decided to throw all his rage in a single tweet. Dave, I share your hurt on 100%. It’s a very bad when you have a well known in a developers world so called “Scrum-Agile-Sindrom”.

Girls are so girls. Manisha Agarwal managed to write a technical tweet as a regular pink status in a facebook. If I was her boyfriend I would have thought that she wanted to damp me.

And finally a disclosure of the year by Tomasz Kowalczewski. He noticed that occurrence of Java EE and microservices in one sentence is a very questionably. Well it’s rather hard to argue with this as when recruter calls to a Java developer and suggests a JavaScript position.

That’s all for this week. Comment, share and stay in touch!
Have a good production deployment on this Friday =)

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