And it’s #GeekListener again! New digest of developers tweets for the last week. I hope you are already used to it. Jokes, serious things, comics – all these are waiting for you, so let’s stop wasting the time! Let’s start!

Selfish microservices…

Everybody talks about microservices. Microservices here, microservices there. But looks like you forget how microservices go into production… Right! With help of a continuous delivery. That’s the same if you eat a perfect steak and don’t think about a cook, who has fried it.
Hmmm… I never think about a cook…

Happy Birthday, Wiki!

I don’t know how about teenagers who ask for money. But as for me, if we stop donate to it enough, it would become a bandit.

Joke for geeks only!

I’m already in the world of functional programming, so my opinion stay private and immutable.

Philosophy by Paul Phillips

What I can add to this? Well, Scala has its own guillotine and electric chair. The easier code you develop, the longer your distance to them.
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Scrum-masters, shut up!

I think this tweet belongs to “no comments” category.

When you don’t know what to choose…

Will Sargent, each time when you say this, somewhere cries little Java Thread…

Shocking truth about OOP:

I like this approach:

Doesn’t matter what you want, developers always have a suggestion for you.

Next time when you will write a shitty code, recall the comics below.

The way of Hello World Senior developer is pretty hard!

Thanks to readers for reading, thanks to writers for writing!

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