Hello everyone, java and scala developers, big data engineers, geeks and random readers who opened the #GeekListener digest. So what was interesting on the previous week? There are a banch of things: echoes of the JavaOne conference, java lambdas, education, scala stuff and a humour which you may expect from me.

So let’s begin!

Stuart Marks starts the #GeekListener digest #2! And what he says to us?

Some of JavaOne speakers is simple pirate! No-no they do not rob trade ships, but someone used a content in a presentation without copyright. So don’t be a fool next time, use only black fonts and white background!

Mr. Akash was pretty upset when has seen compilation errors in his scala code.

Akash, don’t try to bind a part of day to scala errors. Scala is a programming language which can make feel stupid anyone anytime. Especially in a context of absence of a good IDE.

The next participant of the digest is Chris Vest. He is a magician.

So Chris, how you did that? I have two suggestions:
1) You have united 102 tests in 11.
It would be nice to read some story about this.

Yakov Fain returns to middle ages.

I hope Yakov wasn’t burned the books. Because otherwise his neighbors were having fun in the backyard barbecue party.

Frank Greco knows a lot of sweets.

Even more he knows about economics. Frank probably has counted a monthly coast of 3 EC2 large instances on Amazon.

In the following tweet you will not find any humour.

It’s a very crucial step in a Scala recognition.

Charles Nutter had incredible success on the JavaOne with his talk about JRuby.

So Charles wants to involve more java folks to this language. I’m afraid that this is possible just if JRuby become JJava.

Kenny Bastani philosophizes about books.

Well, I agree with Kenny on 50% – writing a book makes you feel really stupid, you don’t know from what to start and how to explain some things e t c. But when I read some technical book, I feel myself even more stupid, because as a rule I don’t understand a lot of moments from the first time.

And finally Mr. Ronsen.

I assume that Ronsen use java for landing page site. But even if this is true, why you don’t use SpringBoot which can make it so easy?

And finally Tomek Kaczanowski with the gold testing law.

Almost the same thing says my project manager about the our developers team: “They work only when I look at them”.

That’s all. Big thanks to all of you guys and to authors of tweets! Big respect!

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