Hey there! It’s time for #GeekListener v.3. The last week was poor to good tweets. It’s very strange because so many events occurred. Devoxx Belgium and Morocco are finished, Spring Boot 1.3 released, TypeSafe Monitor 1.0 and many other thins.

But let’s try to look at all of this through the prism of tweets.

So Nick De Cooman starts our digest and he is absolutely right!

In last two years docker become the most popular word regardless of programming language. Doesn’t matter do you write a backend with Python or a front-end with AngularJS, a recruiter will ask you:
– And what about Docker? Did you use it on your previous projects?
So Nick, highfive!

Alexis MP makes me think with his following tweet.

I know what is WAR, I started my java development when in order to run a web app you have to create a WAR and put it in a Tomcat… But I’ve never created EARs! Thanks to God for this! I suppose that EARs are familiar to those, who remember songs of Abba or Modern Talking.

Looks like Mark Seemann have recently learned Java 8 Optional values =)

And now he suggest us to send back in time in the “Age of EARs” all developers who don’t use Optional class to avoid null values, which I mentioned above =)
Mark, I support your proposal! Let’s make this together!

Phil Webb is a leader of the #GeekListener v.3

I like shit-jokes and shit-tweets. Phil has successfully combined both. Personally I think that a lot of inventors are grateful to their toilets, because exactly there they have invented their startups.
But not all of us can accept this shit-fact.

Here is James Iry, friend of Mark Seemann.

You probably guessed why I said that they are friend… YES! You noticed that. Option – null, null – Option. They conspired to shame old school java developers who don’t want to learn new features.

Disturbing news by Mario Fusco.

9 million Java developers worldwide, 97% of Enterprise Desktops Run Java, billions of devices, card and other iron stuff use Java. Mario, are you seriously want to share with your followers information about loss of Oracle interest to Java? O_o

In tweet of Mathias Golombek philosophy and technology are united!

It’s like tweets without humour in the #GeekListener digest – humour is impossible without tweets.

Nick Takayama is a real rebel!

Maybe Nick is so uncontrollable that he won’t to make a deployment to production on Friday evening? Well, waiting for news from him.

Our old friend Tomek Kaczanowski has exposed Agile coaches.

Every developer knows that Agile coaches are so important for teams as red wooden tables in a kitchen.

And finally combo by Devoxx

Thanks to Arnaud Héritier that he noticed that. Also big thanks to all authors of the tweets in this digest.

Comment, share and stay in touch!
Have a good production deployment on this Friday =)

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