Every Wednesday I release a new version of #GeekListener digest – news from software development world, mostly related to JVM, BigData and other technical stuff. I comment on developers tweets and sometimes it’s even funny. Let’s continue this glorious tradition! Meet the #GeekListener v.8!

The first tweet is about old good friends Java & Scala

Rob Johnson compared switching between Java and Scala projects with switching between driving on left and right. I would better compare Java & Scala projects with switching between manual and automatic transmission.
Don’t waste your time on the third pedal =)

Google technologies always looks like art

This time guys from the Google Chrome team have made a next step to new Malevich square implementation.

I don’t know why Mr. Swardley facepalmed?

For example I know people who couldn’t choose between MySQL and CSS. So it’s natural for our world. I mean existence of stupid assholes.

That inconvenient moment…

…when you want to improve by yourself a tool which you use for a development. I wish a good luck to Joe, because Scala isn’t a motherfucking game.

Returning back to underground technologies…

Casey, of course you are alive. You are one of that people who still work with Perl. Definitely you are extremely hardy, maybe almost immortal.

Jake Archibald knows how to organise good integration…

When I saw this photo at first time, I thought that someone else knows what’s going on behind front-end on my project.
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Let’s continue a programming languages battles.

I use Maven for many years now, but I still scared to use NPM. One of the reasons is that second half of the internet.

Setting up an environment always is the most hard part of job

But I think YES. Jeremy definitely deserves for a medal of honor. Respect!

I like crucial enhancements…

Maybe if emojis is the solution, let’s use that ones which produced Kim Kardashian?

And finally let’s make a deploy!

Thanks to readers for reading, thanks to writers for writing!

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