My name is Alexey Zvolinskiy (Alex Fruzenshtein). Welcome to my blog. I’m a software developer with a solid experience in building backends and teams. I’m doing Scala programming since 2014.

I believe, there is nothing more interesting than a development of server-side solutions — creation of new services which will fit well into existing system. I’m a big fan of achieving business goals by writing a code, when a result is measurable and has concrete metrics. In general, it’s all about a good analysis and choice of an appropriate solution.

I’m confident that does not matter how good you are in a software development, if you have no a good team, transparent rules and processes — it’s impossible to build an effective solution. That’s why I share my experience on this blog, make talks on conferences and meetups and conduct trainings and courses. All these activities help me continuously expand my professional contacts network.

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