My name is Oleksii Zvolinskyi (Alex Fruzenshtein). Welcome to my blog. I’m a software developer with solid experience in building software products. For more than a decade I recognized that behind each great solution stands the great team. This fact forced me to make one step forward and craft my skills in the area of organization design.

In my opinion, the most appealing aspect of software development is creating server-side solutions that seamlessly integrate with existing systems. I strongly advocate for achieving business objectives through tangible, measurable outcomes resulting from coding. Ultimately, success depends upon thorough analysis and selection of optimal solutions.

I’m confident that no matter how skilled you are in software development, without a competent team and transparent rules and processes, building an effective solution is impossible. To this end, I share my experience on this blog, speak at conferences and meetups, and conduct training courses. Through these activities, I continually expand my professional experience and gain new expertise.