How to connect EKS to RDS on AWS

Hey there! It's time to write a new blog post about something really hot, for example — Kubernetes. In order to make this article even more spicy, I want to talks about Kubernetes in terms of AWS and access to a database. So basically this post is for those of you who wants to setup k8s application on Amazon Cloud and configure access to RDS (Postgres / MySQL) from the application. Let's get started!

Akka Data Access Actors

An actor model gives us outstanding solution for building of high scale and high load systems. Those of you who work with Akka, know that in the Actor model everything should be represented as an actor. In some sense this axioma simplifies a software development. Is this circumstance as good as it seems? In this article I'm going to demonstrate some approaches which may be applied to actors which need to interact with a database. Just imagine, what sense in a high scale and high load system if it does not communicate with a database?