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scala-logo Working with a JSON is very common task in a software development process. In Scala you can do it in many ways, either with help of Java popular libraries such as Jackson or using Scala specific libraries. How to make a right choice from the Spray JSON, Play JSON, Argonaut, Jackson, Rapture and many more?

reactive-mongo-logo I've been working with ReactiveMongo during 6 months. It's pretty nice realisation of MongoDB driver for Scala. I just have one remark - it has not so good documentation as it should be. Especially bad documentation have MongoDB operators. Fortunately original MongoDB documentation fix this circumstance.

swagger-ui Let's see how to integrate the most popular API documentation in Play Framework. I'm talking about Swagger. It's very powerful tool for REST API description and Play Framework supports it with help of separate module. In this post I'm going to show step by step instruction how to setup Play Framework with Swagger UI.

play-framework Last year I've regularly worked with Play! Framework and it's really awesome for development of modern web-applications. Since almost all my activity was focused on development of REST API I've used mainly Controllers and JSON stuff. But recently I needed to work with Twirl template engine. And this circumstance served for writing of current post.