So you want to become an author at Fruzenshtein Notes or at least you have an idea for an outstanding article. I highly appreciate such initiative because I had been writing all content for the blog by myself for almost 4 years. As a result I’ve grown a solid audience that makes ~ 30 000 unique readers per month. And what is awesome, about 30% of these people are regular visitors! I respect my audience and continuously try to improve the content.

From now on I have decided to open the blog for external contributors who really appreciate Fruzenshtein Notes. Of course, this implies presence of some rules. Just in order to keep topics relevant to the blog thematic and be sure that a content is produced with a particular quality level.

Guidelines for writers

Here are general rules:

  • Know the audience. The blog readers are confident in the technical questions, so don’t be afraid to write buzz words and other tech stuff.
  • Be informative. Try to keep the content size between 800 and 3 000 words.
  • Be original. A copy-paste content is not acceptable.

Allowed topics:

  • Programming languages: Java / Scala
  • Web development: Spring Framework, Play Framework, Akka, Lagom, etc.
  • Big Data: Spark, Flink, Storm, Hadoop etc.
  • Automated testing: Selenium, Selenide, Serenity BDD, JMEter, Gatling, etc.
  • Databases: Cassandra, MongoDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL, etc.

Of course all the topics mentioned above need to be discussed in context of Java or Scala. For example you want to write about MongoDB… That’s means that you may write about reactive mongo driver and so on.

Acceptable formats:

  • Tutorial. You write about how to do something with particular technology or framework, etc.
  • Experience. You write about your personal experience with some technology or tool, etc.
  • VS. You compare two or more similar technologies or tools, etc.
  • Own format. Feel free to suggest personal ideas

Let’s start?

So if you decide to write, just contact me by email and ping me in twitter @Fruzenshtein. We will discuss the topic and all the related questions. By the way, you need to provide your photo and short bio, because an article can be published only including the information about the author. The readers deserve to know the authors!