FruzNotes Cover January 2017

Hey there!

Finally the first release of FruzNotes is out! This is an online magazine about a world of JVM-technologies. Real people, real stories and real discussions!

In this release you will find 3 interviews with outstanding programmers: Federico Tomassetti, James Ward and Toby Weston. I was impressed by their experience in a software development.

I hope you don’t think “Who are these guys?”. But if so, I’d like to introduce briefly them. Federico is a software architect and has a PhD in software engineering. James is a speaker at JavaOne, Devoxx and many other conferences. His overall programming experience exceeds 20 years. Toby is a software consultant and author of multiple programming books.

What they have in common? All of them are bloggers. And I bet, you haven’t read at least two of these blogs before!

Use the form below and download the FruzNotes.