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Hey-hey-hey! So you decided that it's not cool to use http4s with Cats any more. It's obvious that you may want to see in action ZIO as a more progressive Scala library for functional programming. Fortunately it's easy to start using ZIO in your http4s app, and I've seen personally several articles about that. But I decided to write my own recipe :)

http4s example of REST API

So you decided to try http4s to create some web app or an API. Naturally your first step is to read official docs. Then you may notice that it's not helpful at some point (there you see just some syntax and general approaches to deal with common http stuff). Finally you start google for some http4s examples, preferably with CRUD, because it's almost a standard way to start acquaintance with new http library.

How to connect EKS to RDS on AWS

Hey there! It's time to write a new blog post about something really hot, for example — Kubernetes. In order to make this article even more spicy, I want to talks about Kubernetes in terms of AWS and access to a database. So basically this post is for those of you who wants to setup k8s application on Amazon Cloud and configure access to RDS (Postgres / MySQL) from the application. Let's get started!