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java-design-patterns There are lot of articles in the internet about design patterns. Most part of them, probably 99%, are based on GoF book. The book is describing recurring solutions to common problems in software design. I want to make my own contribution to this area in a context of Java. I don't pretend to be a professor in this area, so everything I will write in the first turn just for me, to make a clear organization of all this stuff. I will be very appreciated if this set of articles will help someone except me.

Question This time I want to concider an exercise which Amazon gave on interviews several years ago. I have no proof links on this information, so let's imagine that previous sentence is truth. Are you ready for the logical task? Let's start.

Question It's time to publish new one java exercise. Today it will be related to working with strings, so prepare to solve a problem which you can meet on some java interview. A solution of the problem has no any restriction, you just have to write the optimal code.

What to learn with Java Today I want to publish one java exercise, which I got today in the interview. It was my old idea to set up on my blog category with java exercises. So it's a good time to start doing this. All exercises will be published with solutions, so you will be able to see the results or to suggest your own ideas in the comments.