When I talk about SQL databases, I always mean a set of tables with some relations between them. Relations in the databases are possible due to foreign keys. In the post I'm going to make a quick overview of the set up of foreign keys in MySQL using Toad MySQL. MySQL has strict standards, so Toad MySQL shouldn't create many restrictions for porting the steps to any other MySQL development tool.

The term "software development" has a lot of different abbreviations, especially when we are talking about Java development. Every day, reading any IT-portal you can see something like this: EJB, JSF, GWT, JSTL, POJO, JPA... Sometimes it seems hard to keep track of all rapidly changing technologies. So today I'm going to clarify all the aspects of JPA and Hibernate.

Even the longest journey starts from first step © Someone smart


Today I want to dispel all your fears which keep you from learning Java. Firstly, I want to remind you that all new things are often hard to understand. So don't hope to pick it up easily if you are a newbie in programming. Thereafter if you are already familiar with a some other programming language, this will facilitate the learning process.

Learning a new technology is always a hard process. This process becomes even more difficult when you are trying to learn two technologies which are going to interact with each other. Tomcat and Eclipse are ones of the most popular pre-requirements in the Java EE development. Therefore to be a professional developer you need to know how to perform the most required actions with this pair and how to make some configurations.

This post will shortly introduce to you all known Java loops: for, while, do while, for each. Yes-yes, Java as many other programming languages has its own loop constructions. So the time has come to find out or just remind you how can every above mentioned loop be used.