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Java and TDD Welcome to an introduction in Test Driven Development (TDD) series. We will talk about Java and JUnit in a context of TDD, but these are just tools. The main aim of the article is to give you a comprehensive understanding of TDD regardless of programming language and testing framework.

This time I want to make an overview of testing framework Mockito. Definitely this is one of the most popular tools for the testing of java code. I have already made the overview of the Mockito's competitor - EasyMock. This post will be based on the sample application from the post about EasyMock. I mean classes which represent coffee machine…

Spring-test-MVC Testing is one of the most important parts of software development. Well organized testing helps to keep a code of application in a good state, in a working state. There are a lot of different types of test and methodologies. In this article I want to make an introduction in unit testing of applications based on Spring MVC. Don't hope to read all about Spring MVC testing here, because it's just a first article about unit testing.

coffee machine java Developers always need to take care about code they produced. They should be ensured that the code works properly after a new feature was implemented or some bug was fixed. That can be achieved with the help of unit tests. Since this blog is dedicated to the Java programming language, today I will write an article about the JUnit 4.1 and EasyMock 3.1 frameworks. The main purpose of these frameworks is to make writing of unit tests easier. As alternative you can read about JUnit and Mockito.