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Learning a new technology is always a hard process. This process becomes even more difficult when you are trying to learn two technologies which are going to interact with each other. Tomcat and Eclipse are ones of the most popular pre-requirements in the Java EE development. Therefore to be a professional developer you need to know how to perform the most required actions with this pair and how to make some configurations.

This post will shortly introduce to you all known Java loops: for, while, do while, for each. Yes-yes, Java as many other programming languages has its own loop constructions. So the time has come to find out or just remind you how can every above mentioned loop be used.

Today I want to examine the JSP most common exceptions which are not obvious for a newcomer and even for an experienced JEE developer. This article requires base knowledge of web-development with Java, Tomcat or any other servlet container and any popular IDE (e.g. Eclipse).