Hi everyone, this is a first post in a new category. Here I will write reviews about different technical books. And hence the last time I’m interested in JavaScript programming language, this post will be dedicated to book: JQuery Succinctly by Cody Lindley.

Who is a best auditory for this book? Definitely that guys who know JavaScript on a basic level, because otherwise the material from the JQuery Succinctly will be not clear enough. If you don’t want to dive into JQuery very deeply, don’t scare to read this book for a fast introduction.

The book includes 101 page – this is not a big size for a technical book. But this is just a prima facie. Because JQuery is a JavaScript framework, one of the most popular JavaScript framework. This circumstance implies studying of particular methods for appropriate tasks. As many of frameworks JQuery is more about solving of standart problems with the help of simple and convenient tools.

Now to prove thought above I want to quote Cody Lindley:

While selecting something and doing something is the core concept behind jQuery, I would like to extend this concept to include creating something as well. Therefore, the concept behind jQuery could be extended to include first creating something new, selecting it, and then doing something with it. We could call this the concept, behind the concept, behind jQuery.

What about book structure and content?

The book is broken up on sections. Each section describes one of JQuery topics (e.g. selecting of DOM elements, manipulation with DOM elements, events etc). In chapters you can find plenty of code snippets, author provides a link with source code files in a beginning of the book. The JQuery Succinctly is pretty well structured. Thanks to this you can read exactly that chapter in which you are interested in the moment. Definitely 101 pages aren’t enough to cover advanced aspects of JQuery, but as I ensured – enough for solving of most standard tasks.

What I want underline in this book?

  • It is free
  • It is concise
  • It is clear
  • It is simple

My RESPECT to Cody Lindley for the JQuery Succinctly book. It was really interesting and helpful for me. I wish him more inspiration in his work.

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