Lately I have dived into JavaScript. My new area of interests in JavaScript is KnockoutJS framework. Fortunately for me came upon a book Knockout.JS Succinctly by Ryan Hodson. In this post I will make a short review of the book. So let’s start.

So what is KnockoutJS framework? It is a lightweight and straightforward JavaScript library. The main task of the KnockoutJS is to organize of binding DOM elements with data. Also KnockoutJS provides automatic refresh of UI when a model changes and convenient way for templates. As you can see it’s pretty simple and doesn’t try to cover all of client side tasks. This is a reason why the book has just 68 pages.
Here I want to quote Ryan Hodson:

The Knockout.js JavaScript library provides a cleaner way to manage these kinds of complex, data-driven interfaces. Instead of manually tracking which sections of the HTML page rely on the affected data, Knockout.js lets you create a direct connection between the underlying data and its presentation. After linking an HTML element with a particular data object, any changes to that object are automatically reflected in the DOM.

Definitely each reader of the Knockout.JS Succinctly book should be familiar with JavaScript for a full understanding of all functionality described in the book. Despite the size of the book it consist of 9 well structured chapters. Ryan Hodson has done a good job, because he made a good balance of theory and practice with code examples.

What are the most outstanding things in the book?

  • It is free
  • It is well structured
  • It has a lot of examples
  • It is concise
  • It covers more than 80% of all KnockoutJS features

Thanks to Ryan for the such nice educational stuff.

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