What to learn with Java
A lot of Java beginners don’t even think about their career perspective, they just learn Java Core, then Java EE, ME or some library. However after that they are confused because it seems there is no way to grow further. How to avoid such situation? How to make the study process more rational and easy? Today I want to try to get answer on this question.

It’s a good practice in any kind of activity to ask yourself at the start, what you will get in the end? This approach helps you to work on really useful things. Before you start doing something, you actually must know what it will give you in the perspective. Returning to the specific of the article, let’s try to figure out what the knowledge of Java can give us? Which doors do open after we can say that we know Java SE? Anyway, it depends on the career aim. You can choose different ways for self improvement.

Java SE is an essential part for all kinds of Java development. You have plenty of opportunities to continue your career after you have studied Java SE. It can be web-development, in this case you should switch your efforts to HTML, CSS, JavaScript, AJAX etc. Probably, you want to become a system architect, then I advise you to extend your knowledge with Scala. As one more option it can be mobile development, in this case you need to pay your attention to XML, Android SDK and some frameworks. By the way, it can even be test development, it order to achieve the purpose you have to know in detail software testing, learn automation tools (e. g. Selenium) and some specific patterns.
Other side of successful education is certification. There are a lot of different types of certificates for Java developers (Oracle certification, Spring certification etc). Don’t ignore local development communities, take part in open source projects. This activity will play a good role in your professional grow.

So, as you can see, everything is clear enough if set up a plan and adhere to it. But there also exists some stuff which you need to learn despite the direction you have chosen. It’s worth mentioning the a pattern theory and software architecture, interaction with data base (SQL and NoSQL solutions), and so on. Keep your finger on the pulse and don’t try to learn everything at once. Set an aim and go to it, step by step you will discover a new world of technologies and new approaches.

Good luck in this awesome trip

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